Have you ever noticed how when it Rains it Pours?

You know, how when that first shit snowflake drops and then they all start to flurry around you as if God was shaking up your snow-globe?

I mean Jesus man! It’s really starting to pile on and it’s getting heavy. I don’t know how much more of this I can take.

There’s only a couple weeks left to my semester but I have so much to do and the stress is incredible.

I’m working a million hours a week at a job that doesn’t pay nearly what I’m worth, today my car got hit in the left side headlight and the bumper I just replaced 6 months ago needs to be replaced again, I ran into my ex Girlfriend on Monday, and to top it all off the Credit Card companies wont stop calling for their money.

I even got a $25 parking ticket over the weekend; see what I mean?

This week has been a challenge to say the least. Talk about a shitstorm!

I feel as though my life is moving faster than I am but at the same time things are moving too slow. I know where I don’t want to be however I’m having a difficult time seeing where I want to be.

I’m regretting my decision to go back to school Full-Time this year but I need to graduate already. It’s taking me way to long to get this degree done. Between switching majors and taking classes here and there I feel like I’m still miles away from earning my BA.

I’ll get there eventually. Life is hard but exciting.

This will have to be short because I really need to finish some Homework. I’m shocked I had it in me to write this article in the first place, i’m having an anxiety attack over here lol

I wish I had some good advice for you guys today but I’m all out of inspiration. I’ll leave you with this piece of wisdom:

We’re all in this together and once you’ve hit the bottom it can only get better so hang in there because your’re worth it! Oh, and keep your sense of humor alive 🙂