My Iced coffee is watered down :/

Wouldn’t it be nice if all ice cubes were made of the drink they were supposed to be in? It would solve the problem completely. No more unsatisfied iced coffee lovers, no more pain, farewell problems!

Just kidding lol I’d still find something to complain about. We’re such an unsatisfied species in so much as we could never have enough to feel whole.

We’re always painting unrealistic pictures of where we want to be well all the while forgetting how amazing it is that our human race is even alive to begin with.

All we are are specs of dust spinning around on a planet warmed by a dying sun!

But that’s what keeps us going I suppose.

“America runs on illusion”! Put that on a DD cup!!!

I know I’m a hypocrite believe me. To prove it let me vent about my troubled life…

As I write this post my Toyota Camry sits on a slab of tired asphalt contemplating life. Yes, my car has seen better days and in all honesty I’ve been pretty rough on her.

I call her the “Green Machine” because of the simple truth that she just keeps going and is a nice olive green. Right now she’s probably at 230,000 miles or so. Oh the trips we’ve been on together, the fun we’ve had, she kinda had to grow up early if you know what I mean.

I know, sad.

It’s a grim day, or a “wet dream” but not in a good way. There’s about an inch of water pooling up under my drivers seat and I have no idea why. If I still had my lifeguard cert I’d probably have to start guarding on the weekends again! 

My muffler is all rusted out and it’s on the ground and I’m all most certain rats have started eating away at my wires etc. I’ve put so much money into this car over the last year. I’m wicked pissed!

This is life or death people, my problems matter!!! Someone get a hold of the universe because every-time I call I keep getting a guy named “Tom” from “Minnesota”?

I kid, but It’s bad folks, it’s quite bad…

Maybe now you can see why I really don’t think it is too much to ask for coffee flavored ice cubes?