Just a random Saturday at the library.

It’s intimidating being around all this knowledge old and new.

Can you imagine the time that went into every dream and fictional lyric that now sits patiently awaiting a reader?

A good portion of someones life went into making something that others would hopefully gain from someday. How selfless is that?

Put yourself in their shoes. You’re at your desk writing away, you love what you do but you have doubts that anyone will ever want to read your work, but regardless you continue to craft your great novel. Think about the faith you’d have to have!

I want to be like the great writer, never wavering, always keeping my vision close in sight. Never allowing doubt in to plague my progress.

Who wants to be the writer who gave up and never published their work out of fear of never being read?

I’d much rather be the one with 500 pieces of work to my name and only have one read ever hundred years!

Just remember that no one cares why you didn’t do anything with your existence, they want to know what you did do.

I’m so much more afraid of what fear will do if left comfortable, left with too much time on its hands, left to consume my greatness.

I challenge fear every single day because I know that one day I’ll win and have complete control over my life. I refuse to let my light be diminished by fears shadow!

With that said, I challenge you to do the same.

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