At the moment I’m sitting at my computer on some bench at my College. The building I’m in used to be an old rope factory back in the day but was restored years ago leaving only the original flooring for the most part.

The rumor is that the building is haunted? I don’t know about all that. I’ve only ever heard the screams of students before a midterm exam 🙂

It might sound weird but I have really grown to like the smell of asbestos lol I think I’m addicted.

When I look down to the floor I can see the nails and the depressions leftover from machines and tools used when the factory was still operating. I often wonder how some of them were made, what stories they have to tell, each line and valley?

I feel like we are the same in a sense. When I meet someone for the first time I try to look for those “lines and valleys” formed from the past. What experiences have made this person who stands in front of me who they are? I look not only out of curiosity but more as a means to better understand the person; to better relate.

Just like the century old floors that now lay beneath my time traveling feet, everyone is unique. It’s so important to also realize that everyone has different ways of looking at the world.

I have a close friend that I’ve known for a longtime and I wouldn’t say we’re really similar at all. He’s a military, crew cut, right-wing, straight-laced, white tee-shirt kinda guy. He incredibly honest though and I love him for that. He wants to become a police officer (keeping my fingers crossed for you brother!).

I’m pretty much the opposite; I’m more of an academic. I try my best to stay out of politics as much as possible and I’m really loose when it comes to a regimented schedule.

The thing is we both understand each other and can appreciate our differences, that’s what has kept the friendship alive, I’m sure of it.

If I leave you with nothing else, remember this: You don’t have to agree on everything to be in a successful relationship, in fact I think the most successful relationships are the ones where you don’t. It’s so important to appreciate and respect our peculiarities and overall uniqueness!

I’ve found this mindset key to understanding others and participating in mutually beneficial conversations as well as sustaining long-lasting and healthy relationships.

Well that came out of nowhere, I guess I should do my homework now huh.

Who would have known a floor could tell you so much?

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